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All Natural Super Focus Support With Adaptogenic Herb Properties

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Can’t Focus? Maybe You’re A Creative Genius. But, We Already Knew That! 100% All Natural Super Focus Supplement Made For The Creative Empath To Get MasterPieces Finished With SuperHuman Laser Focus 

In all seriousness, it’s actually been studied that the more creative genius you are the less likely you are to be able to focus on one thing at a time. This is great news for us who can't focus because we are way smarter then we actually knew! But not as awesome when you are trying to get things done and get distracted by every social media post, news article, or Youtube video that you see. Every single distraction takes your brain into a whirlwind spiral from everything from puppies to traveling tips, to life hacks. Wait, what was I writing about again? Oh yeah! If you’re a creative empath then, unfortunately, you’ve been here (every day, all the time). 

According to the Washington Post “Now scientists at Northwestern have announced they've found the first physiological evidence of a connection between creative thinking and sensory distractions, or what they call ‘leaky attention.’

In sound tests given to 97 subjects, the researchers found that poor sensory gating, the ability to filter unnecessary stimuli from the brain, correlated with a higher number of lifetime creative achievements. Leaky attention ‘may help people integrate ideas that are outside the focus of attention into their current information processing, leading to creative thinking,’ the authors wrote in a study published in Neuropsychologia in January.

So, there you have it my creative empathy community members. YOU ARE A GENIUS! But, we do want to help you focus because we know that it can be frustrating to be over-thinking all over the place. Seeing as we know that you, like us, are trying to get things done and reach your path to enlightenment as soon as possible then we’ve created our all-natural supplement SUPER FOCUS so you can be the best that you can be and set your mind to a project (and actually finish it).

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