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Creative-Empaths-Together-We-Can-Change-The-WorldWelcome to Creative Health!

Our knowledgeable Creative Health Enthusiasts are ready to help, every day from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST at (800) 719-9371, or send us an email at customercare@creativehealth.info

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We thrive on being different and we know that you are different too. With being different, comes with it’s blessings and it also comes with it’s battles.

Being a highly sensitive person (empath or HSP) usually goes hand in hand with being highly creative whether it be a dreamer, a philosopher, an artist, musician, writer, scientist, leader, etc. That is why we reach out to both the highly creative and highly sensitive because most creative people know that they are creative, but may not be knowledgeable on their empath abilities or know what an empath is at all, for that matter. That is why Creative Health has been born.

We want to educate you on your journey and supply you with everything you need to help “find yourself” and make you realize that you actually possess real-life superhuman powers. Yes, YOU possess superhuman powers. This whole time you thought you were different and it is because YOU ARE! If you were to take a look back at your life – do you feel as though you didn’t always fit in? Or that you weren’t/aren’t like everyone else? Well, that’s because you aren’t like everyone else and contrarily to what you may think about yourself, this makes you very special. Empaths have a tendency to have a lower self-confidence level if they don’t realize their gifts and how those gifts can be utilized to help heal the world.

So, what exactly is an empath, you ask? Although there are different levels, an empath is a highly sensitive person who absorbs energy and feelings of living beings, situations, and culture clouds around them. This is one of the reasons why being highly creative usually goes hand-in-hand with being an empath. Absorbing these energy fields allow for the most majestic masterpieces to be produced whether it be a painting, song, invention, a book, a poem, etc. Although, absorbing energy certainly has its ups when utilized in the form of creations; it certainly also has it’s downs as well such as addictions issues or depression.

It has taken us many years of research and development to get to the place where we are now and that is why Creative Health is here. We want to pass on as much information to our like-minded people so your journeys are a little less painful and focused a lot more on the super magic of life. Our job is to hand you the resources, support, community, nutrition, and information you need, to help realize your gifts. These gifts will help make the world a better place.

If you already have realized your gifts or that you’re an empath and are already on the path to enlightenment, then terrific! We are still here to help support your journey 100%, connect you with a community, and give you the nutrients, ingredients, and information needed to help maximize your enlightenment results!

We want to provide you with the nutritional values that you are missing from your everyday food intake so that you can reach the SUPER in you EVERY DAY.

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