We Wish You The Best Year of Your life in 2019!

We Wish You The Best Year of Your life in 2019!

We wish you the happiest and healthiest year of your life! We hope that it is filled with joy, laughter, and the deepest and most fulfilling relationships that surround you.Β 

Surround yourself with only those who bring you up and want to see you succeed. Understand that the world is filled with people who will try and dim your light because of darkness within themselves. It has nothing to do with you and you do not need to β€œfix” anything or anyone if it stands in your way of happiness. Whatever the case may be, if it doesn't feel right or make you feel goodβ€”you need to release it or them and that is OKAY.

As empaths and highly creatives, we tend to over-think things and have a more difficult time staying on our balance. This year, if you don’t have a resolution set in place already, then resolve to be kind to yourself. Remember, that if you fall off and hit a rough patch; jump right back onto the wagon of taking care of yourself. Don’t allow yourself to completely self-sabotage. The older we get, the more important it is to take care of our mind, body and spiritual health. Understand that regressing back to old bad and damaging habits may happen, but learn from each cycle and get right back where you need to be. Every cycle can bring you closer to enlightenment depending on how you recover, heal, and grow.

Stay true to yourself and make sure your voice is the loudest in your head at all times. Make sure that your health: psychically, mentally, and spiritually are your main priorities. Make them a priority even over your children, husband/wife, career, etc. You will only be the best that you can be for all of them if your health is number one.

Remember that you may not be motivated, inspired, or happy all the time. But if you create goals and habits, work hard, trust in the process, meditate, pray, exercise, eat clean, and are consistently seeking balance then you will find long-term contentment, which IS happiness.